How do you decide what to change in your diet when you want to make positive lifestyle choices and you’re brave enough to start with your food?  You really have to do some research if you’re the average person, because there are false advertisements about what is healthy food.  For instance soy milk, sweetener substitutes, fruit juices, breads, cereal and other foods are full of chemicals and preservatives. These products are in the foods we use to aid us in our quest for slimmer and healthier bodies. They eventually counteract our efforts by causing weight gain. Since our bodies can’t process these chemicals the side effects manifest themselves into disease, chronic health condition and weight gain.

There is one sure way to ensure that you’re truly making a positive lifestyle change where your diet is concerned. That is to take a step in the direction of clean eating. We are so accustomed in our society to making and eating foods quickly–everything is based on instant gratification. For many people, the faster the better. However, studies have shown that it is much healthier to eat food slower, relishing each mouthful, chewing more times before swallowing. I know it would be difficult to change our habits all at once, but we should make a systematic plan towards this life altering and beneficial adjustment. Firstly, the closer you can get to eating whole foods the healthier you will be. You will notice positive things; clearer skin, sharper eyes, shinier hair and obviously weight loss (always a welcomed result) and even a cleaner digestive system. There are so many benefits to a healthier diet.

Step 1 Eliminate High Fructose corn syrup, sucrose and any other preservative or additive with “ose” from your diet. Become a label reader! Replace the fake sugars in your diet with real sugars by eating fruit and natural sugars when you want something to satisfy that sweet tooth. Whenever you take one of these harmful ingredients from your diet, add something new and yummy into your diet. Eliminate MSG from your food choices. There’s this misconception that this chemical makes food taste better. Just use real herbs and seasonings to flavor your food that way it’s to your taste.  Nobody says you have to give up flavor to go healthy!

Step 2 Limit your intake of dairy, because of the chemicals and antibiotics in the milk. Unless you have your own farm, the chemicals and antibiotics are pretty darn harmful.  It can cause inflammation and can be very high in fat content.

Step 3 Eliminate the boxed and frozen meal aids next. You know what I mean right? Hamburger Helper, mac and cheese, Zatarans, Rice-a-Roni, frozen lasagnas etc. This step just helps to take you to a different mindset (the whole foods mindset) where you cook your meals from scratch using real unprocessed ingredients.

Step 4 To make your foods healthier and more tasty change the way you cook your food. Do away with the microwave. Try grilling your food. Frying and nuking your food takes away the valuable nutrients we are striving so hard to obtain. Stove top and oven cooking take longer but they are better for you. Actually, the more raw fruits and vegetables you can eat the better. You can get all of the vitamins from the food then.

Step 5 Limit your intake of meat. Don’t get me wrong I’m a meat eater and I find that meat is delicious. However, when the meat is ingested it is chewed and swallowed then the meat remains there rotting in our system until it is finally digested. Beef seems to be the hardest to digest. If you are a meat eater remember to limited amounts and eat only organic, non-gmo meats .

Step 6 Incorporate lots of vegetables, fruits and organic non-gmo whole grains into your diet. These are the healthiest foods for a clean eating program. Find creative ways to enjoy fruits and veggies, incorporating them also into your meals . There are so many vegetables out there to try, go to your local farmers markets to see what they have!

Step 7 Change the types of oils you use in your cooking. Try using olive oil, coconut oil and peanut oil to shake things up in your diet. Let go of that regular gmo corn oil, vegetable oil and shortening to make your meals tastier and healthier at the same time.

Well, I think this is enough to get us started. We’ll see how this goes because changing your eating habits can be daunting, but very rewarding. You should make it a point to come and join our Facebook group Going2Natural so you can get all the support you need to make this change. We have some very knowledgeable people there who can help you by answering any questions you might have about making a change to healthier eating.