For most of my coffee drinking life I’ve been buying the cheap, pre-ground coffee.  But a few years ago when I started coffee drinking more often, I decided I didn’t like or want the cheap stuff from anymore.  Sooooo…..I switched to the more expensive brand coffee.  It’s true, in my opinion, that more expensive coffee generally is better quality and typically tastes better.

Recently, my coffee drinking world took a sharp turn for the better when I was shopping at Costco for my monthly groceries.  I’d never bought coffee from Costco before, so it was a first.  As I was looking over the selection, I noticed that the organic medium roast, whole-bean coffee the store offered wasn’t that much more expensive than the non-organic.  So of course that’s what I chose.

I’m not sure why I never bought whole-bean coffee before this point.  I have a lonely coffee grinder sitting in my pantry just patiently waiting to be used.  So for the first time in my life, I purchased organic whole-bean coffee. Wow!  The difference is absolutely phenomenal.  I don’t see myself ever turning back to disappointing pre-ground, pesticide-covered coffee.  I made this coffee for the first time as a cold brew in my French press.  If I wasn’t already addicted to coffee, I most definitely am now!  Even though I could drink this all day, I choose to limit myself to only one cup a day.  I also don’t allow myself to have coffee until I drink at least two cups of water.  Hydration is much more important to my health than whole-bean, organic coffee.

Is there really a difference? 

So as I’m sipping on my cup of wonderful coffee I was thinking to myself, “Why does it taste so much better?” My initial opinion is that it tastes better because it’s whole bean and organic.  Then I had to ask my self, “Is this really true, or is this brand just a really good brand?”  This is how the research began.  I researched a few things and learned that yes, the difference was in the fact that the coffee is whole bean and organic.  Still not convinced?  Good.  You shouldn’t be after reading only my opinion and not seeing any of the facts laid out.

WARNING: If you continue reading, you may find yourself madly in love and possibly obsessed with whole-bean, organic coffee.  If this doesn’t sound like something you want, you might want to quit while you’re ahead.


Did you know that coffee beans are one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops?  I know what you’re thinking: how does this affect the taste of the coffee?  Well, let me ask you a question: have you ever washed your hands before a meal and by accident not rinsed all the soap from your hands? When you go to eat you notice that any food you happen to pick up tastes a little…soapy. Yum.  Chemicals have taste.  When you spray a crop with tons of chemicals, I imagine it can dramatically affect the taste.  If you soak an apple in alcohol for a few hours I bet you’ll still taste a bit of the alcohol, even if you rinsed off the apple. Take a look at this spectacular survey!  It’s proven that consumers can taste a difference in organic, high-quality coffee and cheap, conventional coffee.


Most experienced coffee shop owners and baristas will tell you that whole-bean coffee is most definitely the fresher and tastier choice.  If you aren’t convinced, go to your local coffee shop and ask which is better: whole beans, or pre-ground coffee?  I’m sure they’ll tell you that whole bean definitely has a better taste.  And you can grind whole-bean coffee just how you want it: another reason it tastes so great!  The taste and strength are affected depending on how coarse or fine the grind.

WAIT… There’s more! 

There are a few more things about coffee I think are very important to mention:

  • Coffee is, in fact, good for your health!  Check out this article!
  • Just because coffee is good for your health doesn’t mean you should drink it all day long.  You need water too!
  • Coffee can be used topically as well.  Many recipes out there combine coffee with sugar for a powerful and healing facial scrub.  I’ve personally used a coffee scrub to help with stretch marks after I had a baby.
  • Organic coffee is better for the environment for many reasons.  Check them out here.
  • Please buy fair-trade coffee.  Sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying the comforts of life isn’t appealing when someone had to suffer for you to be able to do that.

I hope you’ve come away from this with a desire to change your coffee drinking habits for the better.



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