I decided to make this vegan pocket pouch to upcycle the many pairs of jeans I have stacked up.  The reason I’m naming it vegan is because I’m making use of plastic and denim and there were no animals harmed in the creation of this little bag.  I had these jeans that I have refused to throw away just because I liked the pockets, and I was determined to find a cutey pie DIY project to create using these jeans.  So finally… Here we are, and I hope you like it!




  1. Find an ornate large male jean pocket, 1 ball of matching plarn, relatively sharp scissors, fabric glue or heat bond, an iron, a size E crochet hook, a size G crochet hook, an awl or hole puncher, a pretty piece of fabric at least a 1/2 in larger than the pocket being used, and a screwdriver.
  2. Cut the legs of off the jeans and set those aside for another project.  Cut the back pockets off of the jeans in a neat manner.  You can cut close to the pocket or you can leave a border on the pocket to be frayed later.
  3. Using the awl or hole puncher, make holes around the perimeter of the pocket.
  4. Use something a little bit wider like the screwdriver to widen the holes a little.
  5. Now take the snazzy piece of fabric you chose and apply a piece of heating bond or fabric glue and attach to the pocket.
  6. Using the size E crochet hook, slip knot and chain 3 in any hole and then double crochetinto the next hole.  Go around the perimeter, continuing this around the pocket until there is one complete row.  Next, slip knot and chain 3 to create the next row.  This is where you change to the larger gauge G crochet needle.  In this row double crochet 3 into each of the spaces created by the chains of the previous row.  Repeat this process for three rows with the G hook.
  7. Determine the center of the sides of the bag, slip knot, and then double crochet into three to five stitches in a row. Turn the strap over and double crochet into the stitches from the previous row 110 to 115 times to create the length of the strap for the vegan pocket pouch.  Connect the strap by double crocheting the strap into the opposite side of the bag.


I hope you enjoy your little pouch.  It might just keep you from putting your valuable phone down somewhere!