With the first chilly breeze of fall in September and the thick feet of snow piling up in December, you know the season of frost is upon you as your body begins to respond to seasonal changes.

Static hair, chapped lips, dry skin and cracked ankles, we’re all familiar with the signs of winter, so we do what we can to protect ourselves from its biting presence.

Creams, moisturizing lotions, body butters and lip-balms, new products make their way into our homes, providing instant relief and a layer of protection from cruel weather.

But what about those of us who suffer from dry skin throughout the seasons?

What do you do about skin so utterly flaky and parched that it’s frequently subjected to blisters and bleeding?

Finding a Cure

If you’re diagnosed with dermatitis or eczema, you’ll no doubt be prescribed a host of medication, most of which will include topical gels.

And people stuck in those circumstances suffer tremendously from the pain and inflammation of highly sensitive skin.

If you or someone you know suffers from eczema or any kind of dermatitis, frustrated from the long-term ineffectiveness of prescription gels and soothing creams, turn to nature for an answer.

Nature is a dynamic nurturer and protector of life, birthing cures in the womb of the earth and delivering miracles in the shape of exotic fruits.

One of these is cupuacu-a tropical tree native to the thick Amazonian rainforest.  From this tree comes the cupuacu fruit which is cold-pressed to produce highly moisturizing butter with astonishingly effective skin-conditioning properties such as oleic acid.

It also provides a vegan alternative to lanolin, which is derived from animals.

The rich, soothing properties of cupuacu cast a shadow on commercial moisturizing creams that last no more than a couple of hours.

In comparison, organic cupuacu butter is actually known to heal chronic dryness, including eczema!

Separating the Real from the Fake

With a number of products on the market claiming to be a solution to dryness, it’s difficult to distinguish between those that work and those that don’t.

As a skin care expert, I advise all my clients to be wary of companies that make extensive use of chemicals or altogether withhold information about animal-testing.

This is why organic products are the safest and most reliable solution to dry skin, and my recommendation to all with dermatitis.

Skeptical about the claims?  Give it a try and see for yourself!  It certainly beats buying another tube of a cream you already know doesn’t work!

Natural Bliss is my labor of love, a company I co-created with my sister to promote the riches of organic skin care products for people suffering from sensitive skin.

Check out our selection of natural plant oils and butters, including passion fruit and guava seed , and heal your skin with nature!

Article source:   http://www.sooperarticles.com/