PiperWai Natural Deodorant was originally featured on Shark Tank, almost 2 seasons ago.  As I watched their pitch to the “sharks”, I knew that this was a product I must have because I had been searching endlessly for the perfect natural deodorant.  Around the same time that I stumbled upon PiperWai, I was falling in love with products containing charcoal, and since PiperWai is a natural deodorant that makes use of charcoal to absorb sweat, I knew I needed this product.

Ordering the product actually took me awhile because it immediately sold out after airing on Shark Tank.  A month went by and I finally went on the website to order the product, only to find that a local GNC carries it.

Before PiperWai came into the picture, I tried another natural deodorant that did not work well with my skin.  It left my skin very dry and started to form a small rash.  Yuck!  Because of the previous experience, I was a little hesitant about using PiperWai.  After a lot of mental coaching on my own part, I tried PiperWai and can truthfully state that the product caused no skin irritation or dryness.  According to the website, the product does not contain as much baking soda as other brands, which can be an irritant to the skin.

PiperWai did a great job absorbing the sweat and had very little smell to it.  The smell was more of a light clean or citrus scent, so this could be considered a gender neutral product.  It smells clean, but I do wish the scent lingered longer.  While the scent leaves rather quickly, it still leaves you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.  Living in Arizona where sweating is constant during the summer months, PiperWai still absorbed the moisture over the course of the day without having to reapply.  Considering that charcoal is one of the main ingredients, PiperWai is more than likely able to stand up to the toughest jobs.


The one thing that I did not like about PiperWai is the container that it came in.  The container requires the user to scoop out the product and rub it underneath your arms.  The product does appear gray in the container, but rest assure it does apply clear.  Luckily, PiperWai is working on a stick form of the product for those us that are too lazy to scoop it out and rub it on our skin!

I am a huge fan of PiperWai and I know that once the deodorant stick comes to market, I will be an even bigger fan.  If you are looking for a skin friendly, natural deodorant, then I highly recommend checking out PiperWai.