Many things cause wrinkles and signs of aging.  However, the most dominant cause of aging and wrinkles is natural causes and genetic factors that are hereditary.  This means that aging and the appearance of wrinkles can be controlled in a way.  Mainly the natural causes of aging can be monitored and reduced through maintaining a proper lifestyle.  The signs of aging can be controlled or reduced by avoiding some facial expressions.  Avoiding smoking and over drinking are also considered as ways to reduce early signs of aging.  Specialists also require people to eat well, so as to minimize the appearance of the signs of aging.  Importantly, exercising and the workout is considered as the best way to minimize the appearance of early signs of aging.  Some yoga poses are deemed very helpful in helping to maintain a young face that has no signs of aging.

Lion Face

The primary aim of the yoga poses that help with keeping the skin looking young is to help maintain a tight skin.  This reduces the skin that would be sagging leading to the formation of wrinkles and fault lines.  Lion’s face helps you to achieve this result.  It is easy and can be performed anywhere and at any time.  It starts by taking a deep breath.  Stick your tongue out as far as you can and then open the eyes very wide.  Hold in this position for fifteen seconds.  Exhale and repeat this for ten times.  The lion face will also help relax muscles around the face.  This will help you keep the skin tight and reduce sagging skin.

Fish face

It takes its name from fish because when doing this yoga, you have to attain a fish face.  This is an easy yoga pose that helps to fight the wrinkles and fine lines.  Just like the lion face, you can perform it anywhere as it does not require the yoga mat. In fact, most of the yoga poses targeting the face and reducing signs of aging, do not need a yoga mat. You can do this even in the office as you relax.  Start by inhaling or taking a deep breath.  While still holding your breath, suck in your cheeks and assume the fish face.  Keep your eyes widely open and hold in that position for as long as you can.  Release the breath and follow the pose with a broad smile with lips wide open.  Repeat this for a couple of times.  When done correctly, this helps relax the muscles of the face, allowing them to grow and maintain a good face shape.

Look sides

This mainly makes use of the eyes.  It is helpful for reducing bags under eyes and puffy eyes.  This will help lessen the appearance of premature signs of aging.  It is the easiest of all yoga poses aimed at attaining a younger face.  Breathe slowly and easily, and at a relaxed mode.  You should be facing forward and maintaining an upright posture.  Then, while taking slower breaths, move your eyes in their sockets to look to the left side.  Make sure that your head does not move.  Move them again so that you are looking to your right.  Repeat this couple of times.  Remember that your neck should be still and you should be in a relaxed mode.

Play the trumpet

This works on the cheeks and the muscles on the lower cheeks.  It is one of the yoga moves to fight aging that most people do without even realizing it.  This is done by trumpet players all the time, and they reap the full benefits of this yoga move.  Inhale deeply and then press the lips against each other.  Release the air into your mouth so that your cheeks are bulging.  The pressed lips will be acting to fight the release of the air.  Ensure that your eyes are wide open as you resist the breath from escaping. Release the breath and let your face relax before repeating this again.

Neck stretches

This is mostly done wrongly because most people focus on the neck muscles while taking this yoga move.  However, since its importance is the skin and the muscles around the face, one should make sure that the neck muscles do not move.  This way you will benefit your face.  Be breathing easily and with the body relaxed.  Tilt your head to the left side, but without moving the shoulder muscles.  This will stretch the skin on the face and around the neck.  Repeat this on the other side.  Keeping the skin tight reduces the sagging skin that is a sign of aging.  It also reduces the formation of fault lines and wrinkles.

Conclusion Apart from maintaining a proper lifestyle, eating healthy and yoga exercises help keep a young skin. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and signs of aging.

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