\Whether you are gluten intolerant or trying to zero in on your weight loss goals, you need to compromise on a delicious breakfast.  It’s not true that you cannot get gluten-free breakfast options that are versatile and great in taste too.  All you have to do is be creative and this list of the best gluten-free breakfast foods should get you started.

1. Sandwiches:
Don’t be surprised!  We know you can’t eat bread but who said you can’t make sandwiches without it?  Ever tried any of these?

Put your favorite sandwich stuffing into a gluten-free spring roll paper.
Use a large eggplant, grill or bake it and the most unusual alternative to bread would be ready.
Use large cucumber slices, cut lengthwise in place of sandwich bread.
Layer tomato slices, plantains or sweet potato with your favorite fillings.
Roll up a huge chunk of lettuce instead of bread.
Skewer the sandwich fillings and grill them up.

2. Oatmeal desserts:
If desserts could make you stay fit, there can be nothing like it.  And nutritionists swear by dessert made out of oatmeal due to their low sugar content, high fibre, versatility and after all of it, no compromise with taste.

Dark low-sugar chocolate and oatmeal balls.
A cup of fruit and oatmeal in plain yoghurt.
Oats rolled in gluten-free seed butter.
Baked cherry-ginger and oatmeal scones.
A handful of oats and dry-fruit cookies.

3. Gluten-free multi-ingredient porridge:
Grains like rice and corn can be used as a wholesome replacement for wheat.  Add to them the goodness of soy, tapioca and fruits and you can cook up your own unique porridge.  Or you can experiment by using healthy spices instead of fruits and add some recommended roasted nuts to make something that is filling and not-so-sweet.  The following list is a mix of sweet and subtle porridge options.

Amaranth porridge with spiced peaches and cream.
Creamy buckwheat porridge with bananas.
Oatmeal porridge with shredded coconut and maple syrup.
Spicy porridge with roasted vegetables and real feta cheese.

4. Pancakes with a twist:
These new pancake variants will ensure that you never miss the traditional ones.
Peanut butter pancakes made with buckwheat flour.
Buckwheat pancakes with blueberry sauce.
Oatmeal pancakes with dark chocolate chips.
Plain pancakes made with fruit flavored oatmeal.
Super quick pancakes made with bananas and eggs.

5. Gluten-free breakfast smoothies
You can use your creative cooking skills to blend almost every fruit into a delicious and filling smoothie for breakfast.  Lemons, coconut water, mangoes, pineapple and orange juice, cranberries, pomegranates, bananas, cantaloupes etc… can all become your favourite ingredients.