My shift to more organic living also included chucking the household chemicals.  Baking soda has a multitude of uses other than keeping the fridge smelling decent.

Back in the day I remember there being a ton of cleaners under our kitchen sink.  I was usually the one that ended up using them, because I was the only one who seemed to clean.  The unknown details of those items were enough to make anyone pass out from the fumes.  And 98% of the time, rubber gloves were recommended with their usage.

The joy of baking soda is real around our home.  So much so, we buy a huge bag of it.   We use it for toothpaste, deodorant (recipe coming soon) and a few other things.  Try them out and please share your results.  No gloves are needed for any of these recipes, unless you have sensitive skin.

Carpet Stain Remover  

Our carpet is a very light color and not because we chose it.  Anyone who has had that situation knows it’s a difficult thing to keep clean.  Especially when you have a cat that has digestion problems.  I’ve used this recipe mostly on naturally occurring substances (food, dirt, pet food), and usually these were not fresh stains.

What you need :  Baking soda and white vinegar

Mix ingredients into a paste.  (Use care when doing this as baking soda is very reactive to vinegar, add vinegar 1/4 tsp at a time)

The paste should be the consistency of toothpaste.  Apply paste to the stain and gently rub in.  No need to use a lot.

Let it dry completely.  Vacuum the spot.  You may need to reapply until it’s completely lifts out or cleans with a warm wet towel.

Drain Cleaner

My hair gets everywhere since I took out my dreadlocks.  And the toothpaste we use being partly coconut oil slows the pipes every other month.  Other than those two things we don’t need much more power than this pipe clearing remedy.

What you need: baking soda, white vinegar, rubber stopper (or anything that will create an air tight seal)

***Clear drain as much possible beforehand***

Place several teaspoons of baking soda in the drain sink/tub drain.  Have the stopper near the drain and get ready to move quickly.

Pour vinegar into the drain and quickly close the drain with the stopper.  This creates pressure in the pipes.  I believe the reactions also “eat away” at any gunk in the drain too.

Keep the stopper over the drain until you don’t feel or hear anymore reaction.  The previous step may need to be repeated to clear the baking soda and drain out.

Laundry Aid

The last time we bought bleach?  Hmmm…. about 4 years ago.  First, we switched from regular bleach to alternative bleach.  But we still were not digging it.  We still wanted something that we could trust, yet it still had to be able to get our clothes clean and fresh.  Research led me to baking soda yet again!

What you need:  Laundry detergent, 1/2 cup –  full cup of baking soda per load.

Add desired amount of baking soda to first cycle of the wash.  (I’ve never used more than a cup of baking soda in a load)

My results: Does not get whites as bright as bleach.


  • No worry about bleach stains
  • No dangerous chemicals in your home or in your clothes
  • No polluting the waterways
  • Gets odors out very well
  • Great for all colors and does not fade material


I hope you found these uses helpful.  Please let us know what you think!

And if you have any other uses for baking soda you’d like to share please tell us here.   Sharing is caring 


Peace and Light,