Parents prefer reusable cloth diapers when they want to go green.  Also, by switching to reusable cloth diapers, parents can save more than $3,000 dollars.

Like any other system, it takes time to get a hang of it.  This applies to cloth diapering also.  So before you start your reusable cloth diaper journey, there are a few must-have cloth diaper accessories that you need to buy.

Here are the 6 must-have cloth diaper accessories you’ll need.

1. Diaper pail

This is an obvious one and a must-have.

Washing your reusable diapers daily is very difficult.  So, if you are washing your diapers once in 2-3 days, then you need to store the soiled ones.

Get a diaper pail, better yet with a lid.  A covered one can help keep the odor at bay.

For your soiled reusable diapers, you can also use a diaper pail liner as it is easy to scoop the dirty ones without spoiling the pail itself.

Tip: If the bad odor persists, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda.

2. Wet bag

Wet bags are an absolute necessity while traveling.

Whether you are visiting the doctor or going on a trip, you need to carry extra reusable diapers.  And with wet bags, it’s easier to store the soiled ones.

Plus, once your baby grows out of the diapers, you can use the wet bag for storing electronics or carrying your swimwear.

3. Cloth Wipes

Along with your reusable diapers, you need to have an ample stock of wipes.  Use these wipes for cleaning your baby’s bottom.

Cloth wipes are affordable and can be used even after your baby is all grown up.  You can repurpose them as wiping cloth and use it for cleaning purposes.

However, if you aren’t comfortable with cloth wipes, you can always rely on the disposable ones.

4. Inserts, Doublers and Liners

Inserts are absorbent layers that are placed inside the pocket diapers.

Doublers are added for extra absorbency, especially during nighttime reusable diaper use.

Liners are basically barriers to protect the reusable diaper from any damage due to the rash cream.

You need to stock up on all these according to your reusable cloth diaper requirement.

5. Diaper sprayer

While some may not consider this as a must-have, it does help your cloth journey hugely.  Removing the poop from the reusable cloth diapers may irk some parents and that’s when diaper sprayers can come quite handy.

Attach the diaper sprayer to your toilet system and it can easily wash away the mess from your reusable diaper.

6. Changing Pad

Changing the reusable cloth diaper should be an easy and hygienic process.  Use a cloth changing pad to avoid messy situations.  These can be used at your changing station at home or while traveling.

A mother of 2, Kenneth Joy has always loved going eco-friendly and is an ardent lover of cloth diapers . She loves to share her experience with new parents. And in her free time, she loves to bake.

Article source:  Sooper Articles