In the yoga practice, what is the advisable yoga mat to use and why?  If you are just a beginner in yoga or just planning to take up yoga this article will guide you in choosing the best mat you can use.  So far, the most advisable mat to use is the natural mat.  This type of mat is the one that most yoga experts recommend.

Thus, it has no harmful chemicals that can cause irritations in your skin unlike most of the mats of today that contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  Prolonged contact with PVC contents can have various effects on the health of the user.  Natural yoga mat is therefore good for the body since it does not cause any negative side effects.

The main goal of yoga is to obtain overall well-being and this will include a healthy body.  Thus, the yoga mat you are going to use should also be health friendly.  The most health friendly mat for yoga out in the market is of course the one that is purely made of natural materials.

The advantage of using the natural rubber yoga mat is it can allow the user to do even the most complex yoga position.  This is due to the high traction it has that allows the user to get a good grip of the mat.  It also has a non-slip surface to prevent serious injuries taken from fall during an attempt to do a difficult yoga pose.

Another great feature of the all-natural yoga mat is it has enough padding to give support and comfort to the user.  If you want to remain in a lotus pose and meditate for hours, a hard surface can give you body pains.  The pad will lessen the amount of stress in your back and buttocks.

However, the mat also has some disadvantages.  Because of its thickness, the natural rubber yoga mat is much heavier when compared to a traveler mat.  This makes the natural mat difficult to transport so it remains in the area where you practice yoga.  In addition, the mat cannot be rolled or folded.  Thus, it cannot fit in a small bag.

There are many places that you can buy a natural rubber mat.  Most sport stores keep a stock of mats for yoga however, not all of them have a natural rubber yoga mat available.  Thus, if you are looking for an all-natural mat, you may want to try to look through the Internet.

In the end, the natural rubber yoga mat has many benefits and some minor disadvantages.  With the rate of technological advancement of today, these disadvantages will soon be gone.  This is why for beginners, who are practicing yoga in their homes and do not need to move the mat from time to time, the natural rubber mat is the most advisable mat to use.

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