Serrieh Hijazi Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder  |


Serrieh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Going 2 Natural and brings several years of experience and expertise in the management of nonprofit and private entities. At Going 2 Natural she manages the full range of administrative, logistical and operational duties in a wide variety of program areas including human resources, budgeting, marketing, technical writing and global community projects. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency, develops and directs programs designed to meet the needs of the agency, vendors, staff and supporters. Serrieh holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Degree in Human Resource Management with a concentration in non-profit structure and policies. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship while concentrating on Organic Business Growth. Her passion dwells in creative writing and through her own medical journey has began a quest to give people the tools needed to live a more organic lifestyle regardless of how much money they make. She designed the “natural money saving cycle” and continues to research different avenues in order to reach low to middle income families with the intent of showing them how Going 2 Natural on a budget is attainable and can change lives.


Amin Williams | Chief Information Officer / Co-Founder |


 Amin is the CIO and Co-Founder of Going 2 Natural and dedicates his time to building and supporting the G2N network while also assisting with the day to day operations of the company. Cisco certified and bringing 20 years experience in IT , he has offered his professional services in the past to companies such as IBM, Time Warner, Century Link, and Cisco Systems. While he loves his techie lifestyle, he also loves to create all natural products here at G2N and knows the importance of living organic and going back to the basics.

Kristi Hall | Director of Operations |   

Kristi plays a vital role at G2N, directing and coordinating the operations of our cooperative. She brings 20 years management experience to our team and her responsibilities are, but not limited to, ensuring and improving performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability for Going 2 Natural. Through innovative provisions of effective methods, Kristi is creating a progressive business environment maximizing our productivity. Her interest in alternative healing has grown throughout the years; cultivating her medicinal herb garden and foraging for other medicinal plants to make salves, teas and tinctures. G2N offers her the opportunity to share the information she has gained and glean from others their knowledge.

Cherie Johnson | G2N Advocate |

Southern California

Cherie is well known for her work as an actress and film producer.  She is also a writer, editor, co-host, and philanthropist for children’s, literacy and Alzheimer’s charities.  Most importantly, Cherie is dedicated to providing her daughter and family an organic lifestyle.  Her passion for natural living brought her to the G2N team and inspires her to encourage others by spreading the word on how to live a natural lifestyle that is affordable.

Tanya James | Director of Style 4 Change |

Southern California

Tanya brings 20 years of Hollywood fashion to G2N and holds a Fine Arts Degree in design from Bauder College. Dedicated to using her flare for fashion and her passion for re-purposed clothing, she brings together organic living and looking fabulous on a budget. Tanya is currently the Creative Director of the Going 2 Natural’s Style Revival Project bringing together great fashion at an affordable cost. She is also on a quest to begin her organic journey one step at a time.


Heather Erwin | Director of Contracts & Partnerships |


Bringing G2N 10 years of experience in contracts and partnership programs, Heather also heads our legal department.  Special dietary needs for her family has led her down the Going 2 Natural journey.  She feels strongly about the food her family eats and living an organic lifestyle sets the tone for the rest of what she does in her life.  Heather is also a huge advocate for prison education reform programs. “I’m committed first and foremost to kindness in my life and work, and Going 2 Natural represents that commitment.”

G2N Support Team

Basil Kadi| IT Security Admin |


Basil has been involved with IT (Information Technology) for the past 15 years. While working with companies such as IBM, HP and Comcast, he developed a good level of understanding and appreciation for managing information systems across different sectors and industries. Basil hails originally from the Middle East before coming to the US. While still in his home country, Basil was fascinated by the natural/organic lifestyle since his teenage years. That fascination started for him as mere observations of both his own and his fellow kinsmen/kinswomen’s choices of food, medicine, clothing, and overall living style. As Basil matured, his attraction to natural and organic living became a calling that he could no longer ignore, and now he tries his best in learning and practicing living out that calling in every way he can. Basil is also a full-fledged geek and he can’t hide his excitement about a good computer/technology-related discussion

Justin Jackson| IT Consultant |


Justin has 10 years experience as a programmer and here at G2N helps he helps to keep our back end running smoothly. Raised a vegetation and now a full-time vegan, he appreciates finding new ways to live natural on a budget. He and his finance Zorrie (our website manager) loves to camp and they are always finding an excuse to be in nature. Justin loves to hike, eat healthy and tries to lives a sustainable lifestyle.

Andres Cambronero Ramirez | Website Designer |

Costa Rica

Andres is a graphic and web designer, currently pursuing a Master degree in Political & Corporate Communication.  In his spare time Andres can be found spending time in cultural activities, film festivals, yoga, reading and traveling. He also enjoys social contribution and the promotion of human rights.  Andres has participated in execution of conferences and discussion panels related to social topics for student communities.  He brings to Going2Natural his creativity in graphic designs and his web design skills.

G2N Grassroots Team  

Ronda Hammer- George | Editor |


Ronda is an intern at G2N to become our Jr. Editor. Born and raised in Kansas, she has a love for the Midwest and its traditions of cross stitching, gardening and baking. Ronda has two grown children, the grandmother to one and is a total cat lover! She is also a full time care provider for her sister with cerebral palsy and along with her traditional medical care is open to finding natural remedies to help. Ronda is open to learning about natural remedies and would like to venture in to doing more DIY projects.

Dr. Diane Moan | Go2 Dr. D / Naturopathic Doctor |

Washington State

Dr. Diane is our “go to guru” when it comes to our overall health as we travel through the Going 2 Natural journey. She donates free advice on our G2N’s website and offers affordable personal online or in person consultations. Dr. Diane wanted to be a Naturopathic Doctor since the 1980’s when she learned about Naturopathy while owning a small, natural foods grocery store in Wichita, KS. Although Dr. Diane has several education degrees and had several careers to match, she still wanted to pursue her dream and did, 25 years later. She left her home in North Carolina to attend and later graduate from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA which is the largest, accredited naturopathic medical school in the U.S. After graduating with a PhD, she received her license to practice naturopathic medicine from the State of Washington. Dr. Diane has lived an organic lifestyle with her husband and three children for several decades. She is passionate about natural healing and knows how important it is for our communities to live as close to nature as possible; she is dedicated to helping others achieve this. Dr. Diane currently has her own practice in Seattle, WA, called Dahlia Natural Health Clinic and is an awesome addition to the G2N team!

Lauren Hall |  Go2 Gluten Free Girl Blogger |


When Lauren was 5 years old her family moved to the country.  It gave her the opportunity to grow up in a more natural lifestyle.  Her family was able to grow a garden, eat organic and healthy meals throughout her childhood. She has carried this type of lifestyle into her adulthood.  Although they ate and lived healthy for years; she randomly got sick for no apparent reason and no one could figure out why. At the age of 17, a friend mentioned Celiac Disease as a possible answer. She immediately went off wheat and the results were undeniable. The relief was an immense weight off her shoulders and it has now been 10 years since she has been gluten free. Of course, she had her fair share of finding the many dos and don'ts of cooking with gluten free flours and finding wheat replacements. The path to being gluten free can be a difficult one so she hopes to share her experience and knowledge through video baking and cooking blogs. She will be your go to girl for gluten free ideas!

Anna Marie Morando| Marketing Manager |


Ana Marie brings with her 20 years of exposure in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Being born and raised in the Philippines adds Asian value to her G2N journey, and she carries with her experience in customer and consumer management of big and small retailers and distributorship. Along with her family, Ana Marie is discovering and enjoying a whole new way of going natural in food and lifestyle choice.

Solo Rubinstein | Media Consultant |

Southern California

Solo has over 20 years experience in the Hollywood Production Industry working with networks like: E, BET, Oxygen and a plethora of others. She is currently working for NBC as the Manager of Talent Fusion and Diversity, but has played many roles in the industry such as director, producer, project manager and holds a BA in Mass Communications. At G2N she will bring her years of experience to our PR department.  Being raised in the Caribbean, she has always held a deep understanding for the importance of whole foods.  Solo has taught her son the health benefits of eating natural and staying away from processed foods. She joins the team in hopes of increasing her knowledge of eating and living an organic lifestyle on a budget while bringing her tropical flare to our G2N community.

Carlo Bertolini | Public Relations |


Carlo has a communications and public relations background that ranges from small private companies to governmental entities and international corporations. Much of his experience and skill was developed in the turbulent aviation industry, where he provided communications support for a wide variety of challenges, including operational incidents, mergers, brand integrations, and political complexities.  A one-time biology major, Carlo has had an interest in nature ever since, as a child, he discovered the wealth of life observable in even the smallest swatch of earth. Today, he still enjoys making delicious salads out of “weeds” and observing “the world in a grain of sand.”

Pathy Kanyinda | Volunteer Coordinator |                          

South Africa

For 10 years Pathy served as a loyal volunteer, advocate, disaster manager and intern of Southern Africa Red Cross society. He also dedicated 2 years as volunteer advocate of African medicinal Plants. Upon graduation from University of Lubumbashi, bolstered with a degree in International relations and Organizational Communication, He joined the team full-time to utilize his passion for the environment and love of people to engage De Verre Naasten’s ( Dutch organization) network of advocates. As the Outreach Coordinator, He supports the development team in marketing, fundraising, and volunteer activities. He works to cultivate community and church partnerships. A Congolese native, He does speak French, English, Portuguese, Swahili, and little Arabic. He worked as journalist, teacher, human rights advocate and volunteer coordinator in DR Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and Oman. He is so happy and excited to be part of the G2N community. G2N is a better place for him because it’s helping him to live a natural life. He is free and ready to spend his time to help societies

Stephanie Ciocek | Social Media Intern |

New York

Stephanie is studying public relations and business at The Pennsylvania State University. She loves fashion and traveling and considers herself a foodie. Stephanie is looking to stay healthy and improve her lifestyle while maintaining a college budget. She is very excited to join Going2Natural as a PR and social media intern and is eager to see where her journey G2N will lead. She looks forward to promoting and sharing the company’s message and strengthening her communications skills along the way. Picture coming soon.

G2N Community Bloggers

Anita Elam| Vegetarian/VeganBlogger |

West Virginia

Anita is an IT Professional Programmer Analyst and former United States Navy personnel. She has a passion for writing, especially poetry, and sharing tidbits of information that she has learned along the way. Anita enjoys exploring all topics about eating healthy and healing from the inside out. She is a documentary junkie that has discovered there is always something new to learn. She is very much a supporter of animal rights and being kind to our non-human friends. Becoming a Vegetarian came easily and the transition to Vegan is well underway. Being an empty-nester, now that her two children are grown, allows her the time to follow her passions in writing, meeting new people and sharing what she has learned.

Gary Harvey | Green Tech Writer |


Gary Harvey is busy in his retirement career as a freelance blogger and writer. Over the years, he’s done clerical work, church work, SEO (search engine optimization), fiction writing and more, but now he is a wordsmith. At he writes about how mankind is tackling the serious environmental challenges we now face. As he writes there, “the story today is… big problems and remarkable solutions”.  Gary holds two Bachelor degrees in Arts and Internet Science & Technology, the latter being achieved as a mature age student. He also has two married children.  During summer, he and his wife usually have a salad that includes some homegrown greens. Pam, his wife gets the credit for growing and picking them, but Gary has been known to lend a hand in the garden at times.

Jacqueline Smith | DIY Blogger |

South Carolina

Jacqueline is the mother of three that holds a deep passion for living an eco-friendly lifestyle. She is the founder of a community organization called RASP(Recycled Art & Science Project) and has been a green crafter for over 25 years. Jacqui teaches classes for children and the elderly, showing them the importance of using eco-friendly supplies in many different type of arts and crafts while expanding and guiding their creativity. She is excited to take her organic journey to the next level with the Going 2 Natural team.

Jennifer Theone| Investigative Blogger |


Jennifer Theone was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Upon graduation from Texas State University, she moved to Panama to pursue her dreams of learning Spanish and immersing herself in a foreign culture. After 18 months abroad, she came back to Austin,Texas with hopes of making an impact in the community through her writing, her experiences and her personality. Joining G2N has given Jennifer the opportunity to pursue her goal of informing the public on important issues. Jennifer understands that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t so simple anymore and she looks forward to helping the public understand the complexity behind it.

Jonathan Solorio | Realist Blogger |

Northern California

Jonathan holds a Bachelors in English (Creative Writing) at UC Berkeley and continues to build his professional portfolio as a writer. He refers to himself as a “live-wire artist looking for a creative outlet”, since writing and performing spoken word/poetry has been his life for 15 years. Jonathan is now embarking on a new journey to live a more organic lifestyle since living in the San Francisco bay area and being surrounded with such a forwarded thinking “green living” type of people. He is finding a healthier lifestyle on his own terms with the help of the G2N by making realistic goals that Jonathan is ready to aim for. He is also the author of “Memoirs from Empty Space.”

Kandis Nelson | Organic/Sustainable Blogger |

Northern California

Kandis is a freelance copywriter who enjoys creative writing, baseball and being active in social justice causes locally.  She was born and raised in one of San Francisco Bay Area’s toughest cities that has molded her into being a motivated and self-taught individual.  She began to learn about organic living after seeing her family suffer from many health issues due to poor eating habits and medication overload.  Upon encountering high blood pressure and arthritis at a young age, she made the clear choice of a lifestyle change. Now she makes some of her family’s hygiene products and is looking forward to sharing her journey to a purer living.

Kat Temple| Gluten Free Blogger |


Kat is a gluten free blogger and baker currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona. Kat started her organic natural living lifestyle 23 years ago while pregnant with her first child. Kat has two children that have been raised on organic natural foods. She loves spending time volunteering in her community with Bountiful Baskets food co-op and as an advocate for people with disabilities and special health care needs. Twelve years ago, Kat found out that she had celiac disease and has since found a whole new world in gluten free living. At the time there were not many choices for gluten free foods, so Kat spent years developing delicious recipes. She currently runs a home-based gluten free bakery called Kat’s Cupcakes. She sells her gluten free baked goods at the local Farmer’s Market and on Etsy. Kat loves to help people discover how much healthier and happier they can be by eating the right foods for their bodies. You can also find Kat at

Kim Rain |  Natural Remedies Blogger |


Kim became a vegetarian over 17 years ago and has continually strives to live a cleaner life. After becoming disgusted with the toxins that fill our everyday life, from shampoo to processed foods, she searched out alternative medicine, becoming an herbalist and hypnotherapist along the way. With a household full of allergies and health issues, she has used her herbal know-how to combat everything from bug bits to cholesterol. Being a firm believer in natural remedies, she uses preventative and nutritional medicine as a means of keeping the body strong and healthy. Using foods and plants as medicine is simple, clean and natural, and, through her remedies, Kim hopes to guide others to a healthier lifestyle.

Kristi Mastroianni | Organic Cooking Blogger  |


Kristi is a girl from Connecticut that was raised in Arizona. She is a simple person, although certainly her husband would say otherwise. Kristi graduated from college with a Masters in Psychology and found a continuous passion in the psychology of health. Health and nutrition recently became a priority for her and she found a love for learning about the organic lifestyle and nutrition. Kristi hopes to learn new organic recipes, share her knowledge and experiences, and inspire others along her health journey.

Morgan Reyelts | Natural Living Blogger |            


Morgan is a wife anda mother to a beautiful daughter and has been dedicated to living an organic lifestyle for the last four years. Her passion continues to encourage her to learn new ways to live naturally. Some of her interests and knowledge includes: herbs, tea, pregnancy, birth, and natural living for children. Morgan loves to encourage her family and friends to live as healthy and natural as they can and realizes she holds a desire to help others to live a affordable organic lifestyle. Here at G2NMorgan offers her experience in teas and other natural remedies through her blogs.

Saliha Devoe | Organic Living |

Southern California

Saliha DeVoe is a parent, student, worker, and writer living in Los Angeles. She’s a long-time advocate of living a life rooted in justice for the planet and its inhabitants. This commitment has taken many forms throughout her life, from home-birthing and vegetarianism to organic food consumption and other lifestyle choices. After dramatic shifts in her life and worldview, she’s recommitting herself to a closer examination and implementation of how to live the values of love and justice. Her blog is a close personal exploration of spiritual, communal, dietary, and even financial ways to live a life that is kind to the earth and its inhabitants.

Sarah Lowry| Minimalist -Whole Foods Blogger |


Sarah holds a Bachelors in English and has a love for the written word. She’s the author of a published short story and spends much of her free time writing and reading. She has a deep love for nature, books, and coffee. Her love of nature and need to be frugal set her on a path toward natural living. What began as an effort to save money and eat healthier quickly turned into a lifestyle that Sarah discovered she was passionate about. She wishes to share the knowledge she’s gained on whole food and minimalism to help others live a healthier, more fulfilled life and to do her part to ensure that her grandchildren have a beautiful world to grow up in. She’s excited to join the G2N community.

Taylor Hall | Sustainable Living Blogger |                           


Taylor brings to G2N his experience of sustainable minimalist knowledge. Heavily involved in green living and once a member of the Student Sustainability Committee at his college.  Taylor continues to incorporate sustainable designs; his solar picnic table concept is displayed at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

G2N Community Volunteers


Andrew Romanelli | Volunteer Editor |


With a penchant for words and their formation on page, Andrew is a published poet and has been editing for a plethora of writers since his early teens. Born and raised in Las Vegas, (though he has traveled extensively) aspires to find a balance between the city that runs through his veins and a better, more organic way to live on a budget. He is part of the G2N team hoping to learn how to live a life closer to nature even though he lives in the city and want to share his journey on living organic in an urban environment.

Casey Plachek | Volunteer Purchasing Consultant |


Casey is a driven and passionate professional seeking to bridge the gap between Big Food Business and the consumers. Throughout college, Casey gained experience in all aspects of the supply chain from farm to fork. With this newfound tactical knowledge and her Bachelor’s in
Operations Management and Six Sigma, she hopes to use her talent to further drive a more harmonic structure and base for good, wholesome food to be marketed and distributed to everyone.

Dakotah Bronk | IT Consultant |


Dakotah is a military brat and has lived in the UK, Austin, San Diego, and now currently resides in Portland while getting his degree in Network Engineering. He loves building PC’s in his free time and traveling. Dakotah joins the G2N team of animal lovers and has a new found interest in finding cost effective ways to live a more natural lifestyle. Here at Going 2 Natural he supports our network and our G2N community

Zorrie Shand | Staff Support Consultant |                       


Staying dedicated to being a vegetarian for the past four years and now a full-time vegan, G2N is a perfect place for me to learn different ways to incorporate into my forever changing lifestyle. Growing is the key and knowledge is the answer, so our goal is to build a site that offers everything you need to live organic on a budget.